BLOOD SACRIFICE FOR 2019: A review of the Don Wanny Saga

BLOOD SACRIFICE FOR 2019: A review of the Don Wanny Saga

Let no one be deceived. The massive spilling of blood in Rivers State in January 2018 was nothing but the beginning of human sacrifices by politicians

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Let no one be deceived. The massive spilling of blood in Rivers State in January 2018 was nothing but the beginning of human sacrifices by politicians and their cultists collaborators to offer human blood to their cults. Blood is a spiritual currency.

                                                                          DON WANNY:

The Omoku New Year Killings was blood sacrifice for 2019

  • Blood is spiritual currency
  • No intention to steal or rob but spill blood
  • Like in 2013/2014; the pattern is unmistakable
  • After spilling blood for their gods, they run to the churches
  • … And yet pastors say no cultist would be governor?

Lifeless bodies of the 21 persons murdered on New Year’s Eve


“A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be comforted, because they were no more” (Matthew 2:18)

Don Wanny was always surrounded by an army of dreadful looking armed thugs. He wielded so much power and unleashed terror on communities, leaving trails of sorrow, blood and tears among the people. Many times, his victims were killed in the most gruesome manner, with their heads severed. Yes! Decapitated in the Isis cum Gboko Haram style.

Don Wanny and his dreadful troop

When on Monday, November 20, 2017, troops of the 6th Division of the Nigerian Army invaded the multi-million-naira home of the notorious cultist, Don Wanny in Omoku, human skulls and bones were unearthed. He had a standing army with their distinguishable army camouflage uniform and red Barret. He built a dreaded and fearful reputation for himself for which his subdued community, honoured him.

During and after the 2015 elections and the subsequent rerun elections, Don Wanny and his likes held Rivers State captive. Although those elections have come and gone and politicians are counting their gains and losses but it shall take much longer time for so many other Rivers people to come to terms with the painful reality of losing loved ones to political violence and killings. Widows, orphans and relatives are abandoned with their families to suffer and bear the excruciating pains inflicted on them by the Don Wannys sponsored by powerful politicians.

Clockwise: Chief Christopher Adube, former ONELGA Chairman and APC Chieftain, his daughter, Joy Adube, his son, John Adube, his cousin, Augustine Ogarabe all killed on April, 3, 2015 alongside the chief’s driver.

The New Year Eve attack in Omoku, Rivers State that left 21 persons dead marked the beginning of the end for the Don of the underworld, as the Military and the Department of State Services tracked him down in a Community in Enugu State where Don Wanny was caught and his evil skull blown up alongside two of his satanic colleagues.

But Don Wanny was just one of the Dons of the underworld that were used to rig the 2015 elections and there are still several Don Wannys in Rivers State.

The Don of Wanny: Blood for the gods

How do we explain the action of 30 gunmen armed with AK47 rifles who crossed from River Awara to Omoku forest and proceeded into Omoku town and opened fire on and killed 21 innocent citizens who were returning from crossover church services on New Year Eve, in the wee hours of January 1, 2018?

Don Wanny addressing a gathering when he held sway

Is it enough to say that the January 1, 2018 killings was Don Wanny’s response to the Nigerian Army’s raid on his palatial home on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 because his gang murdered some members of ONELGA Security, Peace and Advisory Committee (OSPAC)?

Is it sufficient to say that Don Wanny killed Omoku people on New Year Eve because they took to the street in jubilation after the military raid, thinking that Don Wanny had been killed?

Is it really enough to conclude that these were the main reasons that led to the bloodshed that ended in the massacre of 21 innocent persons on New Year’s Eve?

Don Wanny in his lavishly furnished home

Let no one be deceived. The massive spilling of blood in Rivers State in January 2018 was nothing but the beginning of human sacrifices by politicians and their cultists collaborators to offer human blood to their cults in order to appease and placate their gods and cults to strengthen them and cast another dark spell over Rivers State ahead of the 2019 elections. Blood is a spiritual currency and these occult politicians need lots of it.

The killings in Omoku, Abonnema, Egbeda and Andoni in the first few days of this year are human sacrifices by politicians to feed their blood thirsty gods and shrines with the blood of innocent Rivers people. The method of killings may differ and a variety of reasons may be used to justify the heinous acts viz, cultism, militancy armed robbery etc. but these are blood sacrifices used by the ruling political elite to retain power.

Victims of so-called cult wars

It is common knowledge that politicians and affluent people engage in ritual killings in order to sustain their affluence as well as retain power. Cases of ritual killings and unnecessary spilling of human blood are usually high whenever elections are around the corner. Cultism and cult gangs are mere justifications fed to the public, while in actuality, it serves ritual and political purposes.

January 2018 killings was a replay of 2014

A recollection of events of 2014 would easily reveal that the January 2018 killings are similar to the widespread dastardly killings that occurred in 2014 ahead of the 2015 elections.

Governor Nyesom Wike admitted this much in his January 7, 2018 State Broadcast on the New Year Eve killings when he said that “Contrary to his (Amaechi’s) false claims and posturing the security challenge in Omoku predated our administration … In case he (Amaechi) has forgotten, this same Don Wanny tragically killed 32 persons in Omoku on the 14th of December 2014 under his watch as Governor. Yet, he failed to bring Don Wanny to justice”.

Gov. Wike

Wike was only being clever by half because everybody in Rivers State and indeed in Nigeria knew that Wike and Mbu, not Amaechi were in-charge of security in Rivers State from February 2013. Rivers people knew who Don Wanny worked for during the December 14, 2014 blood sacrifice to their cult gods ahead of the 2015 elections.

Prof. Chidi Odinkalu of the National Human Rights Commission that headed the Commission of Inquiry to investigate all the politically motivated killings in Rivers State between 2014 and 2015 was graphic in his report when he said that “Between November 2014 and April 2015, an average of 19 citizens of Rivers State were killed every month”.

After the massive slaughter of 2014/2015, politicians and their gang leaders went straight into the big churches in Port Harcourt and occupied front seats, even as they fed their cult gods with human blood and flesh. They got the juju priests and the pastors to intercede for them at the same time. As it were, they controlled both the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. Nothing is impossible in Rivers State, where people only pay lip service to the sanctity of life and the supremacy of God.

Gov. Wike with Bishops and Pastors who don’t care how he came to power

In the end, those who killed and sacrificed innocent people for their cult gods were justified and rewarded with political power because Rivers people and all government institutions in the land could not break loose from the diabolical spell cast upon them by political ritualists and their collaborators.

Mission Accomplished: Swearing-in ceremony of Wike as Governor of Rivers State

2019 is around the corner and the blood game has begun; the killings have started and very soon the actors would call on the big pastors to ‘bless’ their acts while Rivers people would again be ensnared in the voices of the blood of the innocent crying for justice.

But why would innocent blood be spilled for politics?

Apart from feeding their cult gods with blood, the elites and politicians use killings as a psychological tool to consolidate power. By being able to take life at will, politicians instill fear and create an aura of invisibility in the minds of the people, elevate themselves and install a silencing fear among the people.

Dr. Vycent EEbee, Chief Lecturer at Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic killed

Unfortunately, the increase in churches has not reduced these nefarious acts as killings, beheading and spilling of innocent blood appear to be on the increase. But how would the churches help when some so-called pastors have been caught in the act.

Bloody march into 2019

Not 2 million naira, not 20 million naira but 200 whole million naira was the reward for any person or group of persons that provide(s) information that leads to the arrest of the perpetrators of the New Eve Massacre in Omoku, Rivers State that claimed twenty-one lives and injured scores of persons. This amount was announced by the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, a day after gunmen armed with AK47 rifles opened fire on innocent citizens returning from crossover church services on New Year Eve.

200 million naira to unravel the killing of 21 persons? That is almost ten million naira per victim? To be paid not to the victims but to any person that aids the arrest of the killers? Did the Governor give half of that amount to the relatives of the victims?

Agreed, that no amount of money is too much to unravel any crime against society, much more the murder of 21 innocent persons, but Wike’s 200 million Naira bounty raises lots of suspicions and questions.

The American Government spends millions of dollars to unravel crimes and the FBI can spend years trailing tirelessly a murder suspect in order to bring the person to justice.

Even here in Nigeria, the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris Kpotum some months ago, announced a million Naira reward to any person that aids the re-arrest of suspected fugitive ritual killer, Ifeanyin Dike.

But there is a difference between the IGP’s reward and that of Governor Wike; it is not in the amount but in the intent and execution. While the police gave instant hints (not full details though) of how Ifeanyin Dike was rearrested and the IGP immediately restated his intent to honour the pledge, which he paid not long after; Governor Wike has been strangely silent on the 200 Naira reward since Don Wanny was killed.

It is being muted however, that the N200m bounty placed on Don Wanny was actually meant for the killing of the erstwhile leader of the Omoku killer squad and Governor Wike confirmed this when he said on live radio programme that “the state government funded the operation that led to the death of Don Wanny”.

Wike’s strange silence on the N200m bounty and his public confession that he funded the killing of Don Wanny, clearly shows that the announcement of the huge N200m reward was a measure of desperation on the part of Wike, knowing that the security agencies were on the trail of Don Wanny who could spill the beans if caught alive.

Don Wanny (middle) had his evil head blown up

For Wike, Don Wanny’s murder was mission accomplished, not because the criminal was killed but with him the truth has been buried. Most importantly, the political ritualists still had more blood to offer to their cults, even the blood of Don Wanny.

Wike’s unconvincing response to the New Year Eve debacle 

The killings occurred in the wee hours of the January, 1. 2018 yet no mention of it was made in Governor Wike’s New Year Broadcast to Rivers people. Even if the Governor’s speech had already been recorded, the gravity of the occurrence should have necessitated a review of the New Year Broadcast or at least an off the script mention by a concerned governor.

It took Governor Wike 24 hours to make an official statement on the January, 2018 Omoku killings during which he announced the N200 million bounty. It took former Governor Amaechi’s special broadcast to Rivers people on January 7, for Governor Wike to do a counter broadcast on January 8.

Amaechi in his broadcast condemned the New Year Day massacre in Omoku as well as the deteriorating security situation in Rivers State, accusing Governor Wike of playing “witchcraft politics”. The Transport Minister accused Governor Wike of failing to keep to the oath of office as the chief security officer of Rivers State by not protecting the lives of the people. Amaechi said that against the practice by his government in chasing cultists and militants away, Wike has done the opposite in going to bed with them and giving them prominent positions in government. He therefore called Wike to resign from office.

In his official broadcast, one week after the gruesome killing of 21 persons in Omoku and a day after the death of Don Wanny, Governor Wike agreed that “For years the security situation in Omoku in particular, and Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government area in general, has been most challenging because of the criminal activities of Don Wanny and his gang”. He thanked President Buhari for rising to the occasion and commended security agencies, particularly, the Nigerian Army and the Department of State Security, for swiftly rising to the challenge in the most professional manner.

Gov. Wike

The governor promised to amend the anti-cultism law and listed the names of alleged 32 cultists from 12 local government areas to be arrested and prosecuted by the security agencies.

Since then, the security forces have killed about eight of the alleged members of the gang that masterminded the New Year Day killing in Omoku. Don Wanny’s armourer, Desmond Okotubo was captured alive in Mpape, Abuja by security forces and the most dreaded brother of Don Wanny, Oluchi Igwedibia alias Obatosu was killed.

I am not a criminal, I did special jobs for Wike

However, in swift reactions to Governor Wike’s order for the arrest of 32 alleged cultists, one of the persons on list, ‘Tompolo’ came out openly to say that he did special jobs for Governor Wike. Tompolo said that he did special jobs for Wike in Abua/Odual and Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGAs during the 2015 general elections.

‘Tompolo’ challenged Gov. Wike to show a single proof that he has been involved in any criminal activities, that whatever he did in the past was with the directives and consent of the Governor.

Public outcry and condemnation

The January, 1, 2018 Omoku killings attracted public outcry and condemnation. The President General, Free Rivers Movement, Engr. Sampson Ngerebara said that the lives of Rivers people do not mean anything to the Rivers State Government because we have a government that destroys its citizens.

In a statement titled “Black New year 2018 for Rivers People… A case study of Onelga”, Ngerebara asked: “Why has militants and known gunmen taken over the affairs of the state”? He called on President Buhari to immediately declare a state of emergency in Rivers State, saying that “the federal government cannot continue to overlook the call for the protection of lives and property in Rivers State”.

A former Commissioner of Transport in Rivers State, Hon George Tolofari, expressed rude shock and deep sense of grief over the Onelga new year massacre, describing the victims as innocent people – men, women, youths and children – who were returning from the routine Crossover Night Service before their assailants opened fire on them. Tolofari said “It is regrettable that while innocent blood is being spilled on a daily basis, some people are busy playing politics with such issues”.

Hon Fubara George Tolofari who was a former member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, asserted that “This bloodbath in Onelga has vindicated those of us who have been calling for not only the retention of F-SARS, but that the outfit should be strengthened and empowered in terms of personnel and equipment, in order to tackle the enormous security challenges facing Rivers State currently, which has assumed inexplicable dimensions”.

An All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial frontrunner in Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs said “the gory and dastardly killings of innocent and helpless Rivers men, women and children in Omoku, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government area of Rivers State, by a group of gunmen in the wee hours of the New Year Eve ushering in 2018, has again exposed how worthless human lives have become in today’s Rivers State”.

The 2015 Rivers State APC governorship candidate and Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dr Dakuku Peterside while sympathizing with the families of the deceased said “it’s another set of deaths too many in a local government area that has been held hostage by cult groups claiming supremacy and allegedly enjoying support from some politicians”. He said that the good people of Omoku have suffered enough and this has dealt a further blow on their sufferings”.

Blasting the Wike-led Rivers State Government, the NIMASA boss stated that the latest killings have once again exposed the lack of capacity and competence on the part of Governor Nyesom Wike to provide adequate security for Rivers people.

“I have said it time and again that Governor Wike lacks the capacity and competence to guarantee the safety and security of Rivers people. It is unfortunate that over 1,000 persons have been killed in questionable circumstances in the last two years under his watch. He should stop playing politics with the lives of Rivers people and face governance.

“Since the governor is not rising to the occasion to show competence, we will henceforth partner with all relevant security agencies to bring peace, law and order to ONELGA and other parts of Rivers State”.

Peterside challenged Governor Wike to rise above partisan politics by openly condemning this murderous act and stop at nothing to arrest the criminals.

A concerned observer said that the situation in a state where the handlers are insensitive to the plight of the people is quite heinous; wondering how such massive killings in ONELGA happened before the Governor’s New Year Message, yet no mention or condemnation of this barbaric act of terrorists was made in the message. He concluded that “this act of insecurity and the willful silence of the handlers of the state’s affairs, speak volume of the insincerity of Government. The same Government that is meant to join hands with the security operatives are the same persons fighting the security agencies, calling them all manner of names, calling for the scrapping of SARS and other perceived units of the Nigerian Police”.

The 2018 Onelga New Year killings have once again highlighted the fact that the likes of Don Wanny and other deadly criminals are products of politicians and moneybags who use them for election purposes. They are also procured by Oil Companies who use them to protect their installations in the creeks.

Don Wanny accepting Wike’s amnesty which he later reneged

It is alleged that the palatial home of the late Don Wanny was built for him by an oil giant in Port Harcourt. Sources from the DSS confirms that so far two bank accounts running into billions of Naira have been linked to Don Wanny and would be made public soon and oil corporations linked to his operation, named. Although the Rivers State Government has declared more than 30 other suspected dangerous persons wanted with the vow to nail them, many hold the view that breaking the backs of the men of the underworld required the will of steel and genuine collaboration with the security agencies#