On her 2015 support for Wike: An open letter to Dame Patience Jonathan

My dear Dame Patience Faka Jonathan, I had wished long before now, to see you face-to-face and ask you some questions on certain troubling issues t

I weep for Okrika
It was wrong for Rivers Ijaw to have supported Wike aginst Dakuku

My dear Dame Patience Faka Jonathan,

I had wished long before now, to see you face-to-face and ask you some questions on certain troubling issues that have bothered Rivers people. Unfortunately, you have been travelling a lot of late. It is either you are in London today or in Dubai tomorrow, even when you are in Nigeria, you are busy most times trying to free your Bank Accounts with the EFCC. I am therefore constrained to write this letter to you.

Dame Patience Jonathan was the main pillar behind Wike

Dear Faka, I want to know how you feel about the gruesome political killings in Rivers State before, during and after the 2015 elections. I want to hear from you why as an Ijaw daughter, you chose to support Nyesom Wike to succeed Chibuike Amaechi and why you used your influence as First Lady to give institutional support to Wike, even ensured that he got the support of Rivers Ijaw ex-militants.

By the way, some people advised me not to write this letter, they say the content is too painful, too disgraceful and too shameful, that it should not be published outside Ijaw land. They say the issues raised in this letter have caused so many deaths, so much tears and sorrow and that I shouldn’t remind our people of the events and make them cry again.

But I said to them: Can we cover up pits in our backyard with plantain leaves, saying to ourselves that because our eyes cannot see the holes, our children can run around the compound as they like? How can we cover up the deliberate enslaving of Rivers Ijaw by an Ijaw daughter? How do we endure this bitter pill that has been forced down our painful throats?

Dear Faka, when in April 2014, one Ayo Adewumi, your media assistant announced that you were supporting the then Supervising Minister for Education, Barrister Nyesom Wike to succeed Governor Amaechi, I felt that you were misquoted and that it was another attempt by your detractors to disparage you and bring you to disrepute as First Lady.

I felt that as a daughter of Rivers Ijaw, who shares the deep sensibilities of Rivers people and thoroughly understands the dynamics of Rivers politics, you cannot support Nyesom Wike to succeed Amaechi. I felt that Mrs Jonathan understands the need for peaceful coexistence among ethnic groups in Rivers State. But as events turned out, it was glaring that the First Lady, Dame (Dr) Patience Faka Jonathan did not only support Nyesom Wike but was actually the pillar behind his obnoxious governorship aspiration. Why, but why did you do this?

It may interest you to know that the general opinion is that you supported Nyesom Wike out of the consideration that he (Wike) led the fight against Governor Amaechi when the later became antagonistic to your husband, President Goodluck Jonathan. It is generally believed that you considered Nyesom Wike the only capable person in Rivers State to checkmate Governor Amaechi.

This was the reason you gave out the whole of Rivers State and its entire people as compensation to Wike. It was why you treated Rivers people as slaves and gave them away just like that. I mean just like that.

Patience Jonathan and Nyesom Wike

My sister Faka, did you forget that in keeping with the spirit of zoning and fairness, Rivers people voted for Dr Peter Odili from a minority ‘upland’ community of Ndoni to occupy government house from 1999 to 2007?

Did my sister Faka forget that the governorship shifted to Ikwerre ethnic group of ‘Upland’ in 2007?  A position Ikwerre had occupied for eight years at the time you were supporting another Ikwerre man, Wike?

Can Dame (Dr) Patience Faka Jonathan pretend not to know that consequent upon the 2007-2015 (eight years) occupation of the governorship position by the Ikwerre, the generality of Rivers people, including Ikwerres, knew that the next governor of Rivers State should in fairness shift to another ethnic group in the State? Besides, the Rivers East Senatorial District has just served eight years by virtue of Amaechi.

Former President Jonathan


I was saddened because it was within the powers of your husband President Goodluck Jonathan and yourself, Dame Patience Jonathan to ask Nyesom Wike to nominate a non-Ikwerre person as governorship candidate for the PDP while he retained his position as minister. After all, it was his appointment as junior minister, access to public money and the availability of state security that made Wike thick. Any average politician would have performed as much with better decorum.

I was further saddened because President Jonathan didn’t need to sacrifice the political destiny of the entire Rivers Ijaw people just to retain his presidency. I earnestly believed that Jonathan could have achieved his presidency whilst protecting the legitimate rights of Rivers people. He didn’t need to sacrifice one for the other.

My sister Faka you were just a ten-year- old girl when Rivers State was created in 1967 but like most children of your age, you must have learnt growing up, that the state was created to give expression to the diverse minority people whose voices were suppressed by the majority tribe of the then Eastern Nigeria. Rivers State was created to free our people from political and economic slavery.

It was therefore sad that you, a Rivers Ijaw daughter and First Lady sponsored the emergence of an unsolicited Ikwerre political hegemony and subjugated Rivers Ijaw people of Okrika, Kalabari, Ibani (Opobo & Bonny), Obolo-Adoni, Bille, Engeni, Abua, Ndoki and Odual to a new oligarchy. You also by the same action, subjugated the people of Ogoni, Ogba, Ndoni, Ekpeye, Eleme, Etche and Omuma. This political hegemony was unsolicited because Ikwerre people did not ask for it. It is an oligarchy conceived by you, enforced by you and delivered to Wike.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is now clear that the entire story of Nyesom Wike fighting the cause of President Jonathan was just a scheme and a hoax.

I wonder, how no one told you (Faka) that no matter the provocation, you needed to keep the peace in Rivers State to protect your husband’s stronghold. I wonder why nobody told you that it was wrong of you no matter the situation, to have snatched the microphone from a sitting Governor Amaechi at Okrika. Why did nobody say to you that as an African woman, you shouldn’t have taken on a man did way you did? What if Judith Amaechi had done the same to your husband?  You were so immersed in this conspiracy that at some point, it was as if the Rivers governorship seat was more important to you than the presidency.

The reason I am writing this letter, is to inform you that by that your action in 2015, Ikwerre ethnic group shall have ruled for 12 solid years by 2019 and the Upland for 20 unbroken years. I therefore call on you to make amends and make restitution. Rivers Ijaw and indeed the entire Rivers State need to be freed from this internal domination. Unfortunately, you have lost all the instrument of power.

Yours truly,