Why Wike is afraid of Akin Fakorede

Why Wike is afraid of Akin Fakorede

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Last week, the Rivers State Government spent hundreds of millions of naira for front page advertorials in several national newspapers calling INEC to take action against ACP Akin Fakorede as a follow-up to an alleged indictment of the F-SARS commander in INEC’s report on the Rivers 2016 Rerun elections.

The average Rivers man and woman may be unaware that each of those front page colour adverts sponsored by the government in several newspapers over a couple of days, cost at least between fifteen to twenty-five million naira depending on the newspaper.

It appears that the removal of Akin Fakorede is the only guarantee for Gov. Wike’s re-election in 2019, considering the extreme desperation that has characterized the unrelenting calls for the removal of the F-SARS commander from Rivers State.

ACP Akin Fakorede, Commander Rivers F-SARS

The latest media campaigns against Akin Fakorede is coming on the heels of a sponsored #EndF-SARS nationwide protest calling for the dissolution of the Special Armed Robbery Squad. Not a few persons fingered the Wike-led Rivers State government as the sole financier of that project which allegedly gulped billions of naira.

Gov. Wike

Some persons have even inferred that, like the #End-F-SARS campaign, the violence and insecurity in parts of the country, especially the herdsmen/farmers clash may be receiving juicy funds from the Rivers State Government. There seems to be no limits to what politicians can do to win elections.

The questions on the lips of observers are: Why does Wike want Fakorede out by all means and why does the Rivers State Governor expend so much of state resources pursuing this cause?

The major accusation against Fakorede in the ongoing multi-million front-page media war is that “He (Fakorede) is allegedly training and arming a special squad in Kaduna, Abuja and Port Harcourt to rig the 2019 Elections by violence in Rivers State”. The adverts also carried a message: “INEC, you said he (Fakorede) beat up your staff. Yet what has happened? He will beat them up again in 2019.

Chief Nyesom Wike has on many occasions accused members of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) of being instrumental to and perpetrating electoral and criminal offences in Rivers State.

He once told newsmen that “most of the kidnappings and armed robberies taking place in the state are done by men of F-SARS. He also accused them of creating panic, fear and false sense of insecurity in the state.

Wike even said that the F-SARS Commander, Akin Fakorede was planted in Rivers State to sabotage the security efforts of the state government to create false atmosphere of fear and insecurity so as to scare both local and foreign investors away from the state.

The Governor tried to eject Rivers F-SARS from its office complex when on October 18, 2017, the then Caretaker Chairman of Obio/Akpor LGA issued a quit notice to the anti-robbery outfit to vacate a purpose-built police facility constructed for the police and officially handed over to the F-SARS on August 23, 2012 by the Rivers State Government, under Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, then Governor of Rivers State.

When the desperate bid to remove Fakorode failed, the Rivers State Government warned that the people might be forced to take steps necessary to protect themselves if the Commander of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, F-SARS was not redeployed. This was the first indication that Governor Wike would set up the Rivers State Neighborhood Watch and appoint local liaison officers to protect his interest.

The man in the eye of the storm, ACP Akin Fakorede had consistently dismissed the claims by the Rivers Government and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that he was posted to do the biddings of members of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

ACP Akin Fakorede

Fakorode described F-SARS as just one of the elite cops in the Police under the leadership and directive of the state Commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed, whose primary duty is to provide security for all persons, no matter the political persuasions.

On his reaction to the allegations by Governor Nyesom Wike that SARS under his leadership has been involved in heinous crimes like armed robbery and kidnapping, he said that SARS members were not immune to prosecution and if there were cases with evidence, the matter should be reported and it would be investigated. If true, such officer will be prosecuted.

The SARS Commander made it clear that he cannot absorb all officers and men of SARS of any breach of rules of engagement. “This is because I am not omniscient. But what is clear is that no policeman is above the law,” he added.

The face off between Governor Wike and ACP Akin Fakorede has been eliciting varying reactions among the populace.

The Rivers APC says that Wike was fighting Fakorede and F-SARS in the state because of 2019 elections, with the state’s commander having earlier refused to be bribed to support the massive rigging of the December 10, 2016 legislative rerun.

Prince Uche Secondus, National Chairman PDP

This position was corroborated by some ‘Rivers Concerned Citizens’ who in a recent publication signed by their Director of Publicity Prosecution, said that “In February of 2016, Wike called Akin Fakorede to his personal residence at midnight and offered him 50 million Naira to work with him. This was in the presence of Uche Secondus and Osima Ginah. Akin did not accept the offer.

Wike asked Akin Fakorede to plant a pistol on one Lolo Ibieneye and charge him for cultism. Again, Akin refused”. (The Nation Newspaper, Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Page 33).

But the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Emma Okah, says that Fakorede was taking sides with the APC, calling for his transfer away from the state.

The Rivers APC poopoo Okah’s accusation, describing it as outright lies and an open declaration of war against “the hardworking, focused and professional commander of F-SARS in the state”.

For the Ikwerre Youth Movement (IYM), Governor Nyesom Wike is bent on the redeployment of the F-SARS’ Commander, Akin Fakorode, because he has refused to be cowed to do his (Wike’s) bidding. Speaking through its President General, the group says, Rivers State without men of the F-SARS will be a jungle in which criminals and cultist hold sway.

The Director General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dakuku Peterside, accuse Governor Nyesom Wike of being a beneficiary of crime in the state for his alleged involvement in the campaign to abolish the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police.

Dakuku Peterside PhD

For Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, the Media aide to the then Rivers APC Chairman, Dr. Ibiamu, “the utterances of Governor Wike on the affairs of Nigeria is that of a drowning man not minding that he was one of the principal actors that looted our common patrimony with impunity and that his clownish nature will not stop the arrival of his judgement day that is fast approaching”.


It is crystal clear that all the hullabaloos and the main reason for the frantic “Fakorede Must Go” campaigns are about the 2019 Rivers State elections. It is all about the fear that the F-SARS commander would neutralize the ongoing recruitment into Wike’s Neighbourhood Watch and LGA/Ward Liaison Officers – thugs and cultists that are to execute the 2019 election for the governor.

It is gratifying that the Rivers State Police Command had since described as unacceptable, the newspaper publications accusing ACP Akin Fakarede of electoral malpractice, saying that all the allegations in the recent newspaper front-page adverts by the Rivers State Government were false, malicious and unfounded. The Police said that the INEC report referred to in the adverts lacked credibility as ACP Fakorede was not invited by the INEC panel for questioning before conclusions were made. The statement concluded that the Police High Command has properly investigated issues arising from the Rivers rerun elections.

The Police Command said it “finds it most offending and completely unacceptable for the Rivers State Government to refer to one of its officers as Election Rigger and Enemy of Democracy and wishes to caution the Rivers State Government against actions and statements that are inimical to peace, order and security of the State”.

On the contrary, Wike is generally believed to be a master in election planning and election rigging, an evil genius that has mastered the art of raising false alarm as decoy. He can only be underrated at one’s peril.

Gov. Nyesom Wike

Wike’s emphasis on the dismantling of a state security outfit (F-SARS), suggests very clearly that the only path to victory for Wike and the PDP in 2019 as it was in 2015, is to steal, kill and destroy.

Wike is already planning his 2019 election; he has perfected plans to get his thugs-in-chief ‘elected’ in the forthcoming council elections in June; he is setting up his militia known as “Neighbourhood Watch”; he has appointed local thugs called “LGA/Ward liaison officers”; he is said to have placed DPOs and Electoral Officers on monthly allowance; he has set aside N1billion, N2billion and another N6billion to buy over civil servants, youths and market women monthly.

But for a man who used one CP Mbu to undermine the authority of his predecessor, a man who rose to the office of governor via falsehood, crass manipulations and outright violence that caused the deaths of hundreds of persons, a man that was described by Prof. Itse Sagay as “climbing over dead bodies into governorship”, one obstacle remained. That obstacle is ACP Akin Fakorede, the Commander of F-SARS who has proven to be more than able to enforce the law and bring the Wike’s election rigging Amanda to naught.

This explains why in a clear incident that involved some PDP thugs and protesting APC youths at the premises of the Port Harcourt High Court, Governor Wike in a state broadcast said that “troops of the Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad (F-SARS) invaded the state high court complex, Port Harcourt, blocked all entrances and for hours prevented judiciary workers, judges, litigants and lawyers from gaining access into their offices and courtrooms to carry out their judicial duties and businesses”.

PDP members at the premises of the Rivers State High Court on that Friday

What Governor Wike is saying loud and clear is that he wants the IGP to remove F-SARS in Rivers State or at least redeploy the stubborn Akin Fakorede so that he (Wike) can flood the state with his gang of cultist, kidnappers and armed robbers#