Of the twin (two) evils, Wike has proved to be a better political leader than Amaechi. Put in a clearer way: Amaechi is worse than Wike. While Wike

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Of the twin (two) evils, Wike has proved to be a better political leader than Amaechi. Put in a clearer way: Amaechi is worse than Wike.

While Wike spearheaded the rescue at the national level of an almost drowned PDP and also kept the PDP intact in Rivers State, Amaechi through avoidable errors killed a thriving Rivers APC and destroyed the destiny of many people who would have started a new path in life in 2019, a whole generation of APC members. Worse still, like in 2015, Amaechi couldn’t deliver significant votes to President Buhari.

While Wike is able to work with senior politicians like, Sergeant Awuse, Emma Anyanwu, Abiye Sekibo, Austin Opara etc, Amaechi couldn’t even stand the presence of younger politicians like Magnus Abe, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Chidi Wiyorka, Allwell Onyeso, Wilson Ake, Ipalibo Harry etc.

Again, Wike’s structure is better stratified. Wike differentiates between the real leaders and the boys but Amaechi made the boys leaders over and above their masters.

The outcome of the 2019 elections in Rivers State is nothing but elections-made-easy for Wike by the ineptitude of Amaechi, a man that acts as an all knowing demigod. The 2019 elections result is a classic case of “Wise man don foolish for poor man backyard”. How else can PDP win the Presidential election, the governorship election, all the 3 senatorial seats, all the 13 House of Reps seats, almost all the 32 House of Assembly seats?  Over sabi don kill Amaechi, whose overbearing stance and poor tactics gave PDP an unprecedented free ride that swept away  even the fortunes of other political parties in the state. It was a colossal disaster!

Now that Wike has been given the victory that he never imagined in his wildest dreams, Amaechi has to be removed from the way of progress because he lacks the capacity to rebuild the APC in the state. Under Amaechi, Rivers APC would continue dwindling and would in 2023 require the entire Nigerian army, Navy and Airforce instead of the people’s vote to win.

More importantly, Rivers State needs peace, our people have suffered irreparably since the Amaechi-Wike political rivalry began in 2013. Hundreds of persons have been killed, unquantifiable property damaged and hundreds of  billions of public funds wasted  in course of this crisis.

If Wike is governor, then President Buhari should please remove the Amaechi factor to save Rivers State from the ongoing violence which by all account is fueled by feuding politicians. President Buhari should, in the name of God and for the sake of innocent Rivers people, not reappoint Amaechi as Minister so that Wike too is de-motivated from his evil ways. After all, both Amaechi and Wike are from the same Ikwerre ethnic group and have between themselves (only both of them) kept the office of governor and minister since 2011.

President Buhari should put the peaceful existence of Rivers State above political patronage and save the security agencies all the wahala in Rivers State.

©Sotonye Ijuye-Dagogo